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Since 1958, Filmar has joined perfect raw material quality with excellent production know-how, using the most effective technolo­gies to obtain a noble product of unparalleled quality. Harvesting the cotton manually means that the bolls can be selected when they are at the right level of maturity. It also avoids the use of defoliants. Doubling twists the single plies perfectly together. This gives rise to a well-finished, strong and resistant yarn. Gassing subjects the yarn to combustion. The flame eliminates excess pile. The yarn gains brilliancy and develops a pure geometric structure, which will allow all manner of subsequent processing. Mercerisation makes the yarn brilliant, resistant, unshrinkable and suitably absorbent.

The Filmar yarn is dyed with colorants and auxilliaries that fully respect the human and environmental standards established by Oeko-Tex, standard 100, Class 1 (products for children). A new winding technology that renders the yarn ductile and responsive to any kind of subsequent high-speed weaving or knitting, and to the most complex techniques and processes.

A fully equipped laboratory carries out tests and prepares samples. Double quality control is guaranteed both at the start and at the end of the production cycle. The yarn is subjected to the following tests consistency and resistance, colour uniformity, colourfastness when washed and rubbed during humid and dry cleaning. Refined clothes can be made from the highly wearable, non warping, fresh-feeling fabrics which allow the pores to breath, thanks to the high quality of Filmar yarns. These products stand up well to the wear and tear of time, the iron, the washing machine and pollution. They are aimed at luxury markets and the most prestigious brands.