Corporate Health and Safety Policy

It is the Management’s intention to dedicate technical and economic/financial resources to the safeguarding of the health and safety. This regards personnel involved in routine working activities as well as visitors from outside, suppliers who come into the production area to conduct activities related to the delivery of products or services and any other parties, such as neighbouring companies, who may be affected by levels of safety put in place by Filmar.

In order to carry through its commitment to improving and ensuring a more systematic approach to the safety conditions governing its activities, Filmar SpA has set up a Management Model for Safety in line with Regulation OHSAS18001, by means of which it intends:

  • to keep updated information relating to any mandatory (national or local) health and safety provisions applicable to the company’s activities, to promote awareness among those responsible for the areas concerned and to implement any necessary measures for conforming with these provisions;
  • to assess possible risks while taking into consideration previous experiences of either actually occurring or near-miss incidents in the past as well as typical sources of danger in the sector in which the enterprise operates and to adopt adequate preventative measures for avoiding injury to persons, giving priority to the most salient dangers;
  • to take safety requirements into account during the phases of machine and plant procurement and work environment planning and construction;
  • to keep plant and protection and emergency devices in working order through maintenance and checks;
  • to extend the application of the system to suppliers, customers and visitors, regarding risks they may bring into the company environment as well as the risks that this environment may represent for visitors;
  • to improve the performance of the system continuously, seeking to limit incidents and injury to persons by all available means and to promote health and safety in absolute terms.

The contents of the present document, which represents the will and the commitment of the Management for the benefit of all those who collaborate with Filmar, are made available to and are released to Filmar personnel, its suppliers and visitors by means of publication within the company. The Health and Safety Management System is subject to periodic reassessment by the Management on the basis of its performance and is subject to revision during briefings held with the personnel, who are asked to contribute through their actions and their compliance with procedures and tasks to ensuring that Filmar SpA is and remains a safe company for all those accessing its environment.

Download: Code of Ethics FILMAR SpA