june 2020

Filmar is very proud of being part of this great achievement

june 2020
Filmar focuses on digital with the Live Digital Experience

A new tool created to cope with current challenges while looking to the future

may 2020
We are back!

We are back to resume our work towards weaving a sustainable future

april 2020

FILMAR pays its suppliers, employees, workers and collaborators: that’s the actual sustainability of today for a possible tomorrow.

march 2020
Feel The Yarn – Rendez-vous italien à Paris

We will be present in Paris at the workshop "Feel the yarn" in March

february 2020
SS 2021 Filmar Collection

The evolution of trends is enclosed in the idea of expansion and creation of new yardns lines that Filmar introduces in this new spring/summer 2021 collection.

february 2020
Filmar at the Pitti Filati 86

A multi-colored, sparkling and captivating stand to make room to fashion and creativity inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

february 2020
Filmar Corporate Responsibility Report

We have decided to share with you our commitment in favor of responsible practices and our passion for the kind of fashion that we have always supported: beautiful and emotional to make people feel good.

January 2020
Wear our values… with our labels!

Yarns with a history that can be told, believed and appreciated

september 2019
Filmar's Fanzine 2019

Here the latest news in the field of sustainable cotton, responsible industry, emerging designers and much more!

october 2019
Cottonforlife’s farmers meet fashion brands and retailers

Raw material cotton becomes an element of cohesion among the actors of the supply chain

october 2019
High value recycling: a challenge we need to start coping with

A pilot project focussing on high value recycling in partnership with UNIDO

october 2019
Filmar celebrates the World Cotton Day at WTO

A panel on key innovation themes for a sustainable, competitive and efficient cotton-textile industry

july 2019
Cutting Though

The spatialist art of the androgyny takes shape thanks to the dissertation of the student Irene Sassaro from the Politecnico di Milano

july 2019
“So young So old” The NABA Fashion Show 2019

Filmar donated its swatches for the creation of two beautiful garments during the workshop "The future of fashion" under the guidance of Tiziano Guardini

july 2019
Filmar 's Yarns among the winners of Feel the Yarn contest

The tenth edition of the Feel the Yarn contest ended on June 28th with the prize-giving event at the Pitti Immagine fair 

july 2019
Filmar at the Pitti Filati 85

A unique product experience that reveals how commitment, passion and respect are the essential ingredients to guarantee an uncompromising quality

july 2019
FW Collection 2020/2021

Green creativity and Italian know-how are contained in a single collection for the Fall / Winter 2020-2021 season, offering exclusive mixtures of the world's finest fibers.

july 2019
About Socks

Combining creativity and solidarity by rewarding young talents

july 2019
Flo’-let the flowers flow

NILO and Filoscozia® for the 2019 Sring/Summer Collection

june 2020
Filmar presents Filmar Live Digital Experience

From June 22nd to July 17th you will have the chance to join Filmar Live Digital Experience

april 2019
Reshaping Fashion

Filmar’s yarns at the “Reshaping Fashion”  event, organized by UNIDO Egypt, under the framework of "The Egyptian Cotton Project"

april 2019
Cottonforlife: education and training for sustainability

Cottonforlife is supporting students and teachers of the Damietta school in the sustainable cotton production

february 2019
Makò Cashmere

The result of an exclusive blending of organic Giza 45, the world’s finest cotton, with pure and precious cashmere

february 2019

A perfect yarn 100% Egyptian cotton, both clean, sharp and naturally stretch, giving comfort to body movements.

february 2019

Nilo exquisitely blends GIZA 45 (25%) and GIZA 87 (75%) cotton fibers, producing the very soul of a one-of-a-kind cotton, soft and silky to the touch. 

february 2019

From the Filmar research team, a perfect mix between the soft Egyptian cotton, GIZA 86 Exar, e la fibra nobile per eccellenza, il cashmere

february 2019

Zero means zero pilling. A yarn born from the combination of top quality raw material, the best Egyptian cotton, and the technological innovation of COM4® spinning

february 2019
Filmar at Pitti Filati 84

Sustainability is Pop: connecting people to actions

february 2019
Filoscozia The Original - Filoscozia Attitude

Jerseys, sweatshirts, t-shirts, scarves, trousers, crop tops...

january 2019
ColorAMA Award for Sustainability 2019 - Fashion and SDGs

The importance of the supply chain and the role of young generations for the competitiveness of sustainable production models

december 2018
Filmar and UNIDO join hands to introduce BCI cotton in Egypt

In Egypt, Filmar collaborates with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to enhance the sustainable and traceable Egyptian cotton production..

october 2018
Filmar and UNIDO took part in the “Cotton Harvest Day” in Egypt

Filmar Nile Textile opens the doors of its factory and took part in the “Cotton Harvest Day” organized in collaboration with UNIDO to stress once more how transparency and traceability of the production chain are at the core of our activities 

october 2018
Cottonforlife supports the Damietta school in Egypt

Cottonforlife promotes the organic agriculture in the Damietta farming school.

october 2018
Cottonforlife for sustainable fashion

In collaboration with UNIDO, we have hosted an exclusive training course for young fashion designers in Cairo

october 2018
Cottonforlife for cleaner textile production: training on Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

For the very first time in Egypt, we organized a workshop in Cairo on Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

october 2018
The Egyptian Cotton Project and Cottonforlife for the Egyptian cotton industry

A roundtable in Cairo to discuss on cotton and textile sustainability

october 2018
Filmar at the CSR and Social Innovation Fair 2018

The role of companies in creating valuable opportunities and positive alternatives to irregular migration for youth in North African countries: Filmar tells about its work and commitments towards young Egyptians 

july 2018
Rethink FILOSCOZIA: when quality meets creativity

Filmar keeps supporting initiatives in the field of education by creating solid partnerships with school institutions and players of the educational sector

july 2018
Filmar’s Fanzine 2018

Just like every year, we want to share with you our challenges, sacrifices and successes!

july 2018
Filaticolor and the new F/W collection 2019/20

Dynamic and with a natural inclination towards movement and innovation

july 2018
Filmar yarns catch the attention of Salvatore Ferragamo

The new sandal by Salvatore Ferragamo, inspired by the principles of sustainability, has been launched

may 2018
Cottonforlife: our work to support sustainability of Egypt’s White Gold continues

Filmar took part to the launch event of the project “From cottonseed to clothing: enhancing sustainability, inclusiveness and value addition of the cotton value chain in Egypt”

may 2018
Taking action to make Global Goals local business: business as a driver for good

Filmar SpA is glad to announce its active support to the UN Global Compact

may 2018

Filmar among the sponsors of Bachelor Fine Arts (BFA) RUNWAY SHOW 2018.

may 2018
Arts and Filmar’s efforts

In the last months, Filmar has been busy with a series of collaboration activities in the world of art and culture

may 2018
Filmar’s Cool Colors

COOL is the adjective chosen for the beyond–the Book fashion colors.

may 2018
Gots and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The GOTS certification supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

may 2018

A project promoted by Filmar, with the support of Alexbank (Gruppo Intesa San Paolo), Fondazione San Zeno of Verona and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). 

february 2018
Colorama Award II Edition

Colorama Award proclamation at Pitti Filati 82

febbruary 2018
IED for Pitti 93 focuses on green with EcoEgo

Filmar has been at Workshop Eco Ego to forge future sustainability in textile

february 2018
Filmar Collection Spring Summer 2019

The trends’ Evolution is included in the idea of expansion and creation of new yarn lines that Filmar shows in this collection by proposing a mix of the finest fibers in the world.

february 2018
Filmar & Better Cotton Initiative

We source Better Cotton. The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

january 2018
We’ll See you at Pitti Filati 82!

Our collection Spring Summer 2019 is ready! 
We look forward to meeting you at Pitti Filati. 
Booth Filmar Network G2-G3-G4-G5 Ground Floor 
24-26 January 2018 | Firenze Fortezza Da Basso

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!

Our plan for 2018 involves some important initiatives: we set very ambitious goals that we want to achieve by planning and working together with all of you.

december 2017


San Zeno Foundation of Verona and Filmar together draw horizons of change

Filmar continues to support San Zeno Foundation’s initiatives, donating the entire budget of Christmas gifts.

december 2017

A meeting with teachers and young students from academies, technological centers,  fashion and design schools to talk about circularity in the fashion and textile production sector.


december 2017
The Rediscovery project




december 2017
Filmar has took part at the first Egyptian Italian Business Women Forum

A debate between Italian and Egyptian businesswomen where many ideas and opportunities came about to create synergies and start new initiatives.

october 2017
Filmar & DETOX

By committing to the Greenpeace Detox campaign, Filmar SpA is among the world leaders taking action for a toxic free fashion.

october 2017
Harvest time for Filmar’s Cottonforlife Initiative!

Cottonforlife continues its support to enhance Egyptian organic cotton

october 2017
Sustainability highlights

Committed to a better future through Sustainable Yarns

October 2017
Filmar yarns at the Eco Chic Design Award

Kate Morris, British Fashion designer, won first prize at the Eco-Chic design award with an upcycled collection created with Filmar’s yarns.

september 2018
FILO 48 | International Yarns Exhibition

Filmar at Filo 48 International Yarns Exhibition

Booth G39  |  Palazzo delle stelline - Milan

september 2017
Rediscovery Project

We are very proud of our Rediscovery Upcycling project!

july 2017
Filmar’s Yarns at Pitti 81

New articles for Cotton Flavored Noble Fiber linen

july 2017


july 2017

The 8th edition of FEEL THE YARN contest was held at Pitti Immagine Filati 81.

JUNE 2017

At Filmar we know very well what choosing color-collections can imply for our customers. That’s why we’ve created the ColorAMA web app. A new way to work with colors and yarns. 

june 2017
At Pitti Filati 81 Filmar presents the Colorama Award

This season too, ColorAMA devoted itself to the youth by hosting the ColorAMA Award, designed to inspire and encourage young students from fashion & design schools and Universities all over the word to develop innovative and fashionable color projects for the 2018/2019 Fall-Winter season. 

may 2017
Season Collection Highlights

Biofil C20: When nature meets accountability.

may 2017
Cottonforlife proudly presents the exclusive cotton blend Madison

Madison is an exclusive, precious and natural yarn: the combination of the world's finest cotton, the Giza 45 and the most refined and pure cashmere, harvested through manual combing.

april 2017
Fashion Revolution week is over

Fashion Revolution is a global movement whose objective is integrated in its name: promoting a fashion revolution. 

april 2017

Biofilia is the new Filaticolor collection: a distinctive brand of a new and robust company identity.

april 2017
Filmar hosts "Delpo": the young rapper who wants to tell his land story through his songs

"I've been rapping for 2 years cause I want to describe the people stories and the land I belong to..."

april 2017
Working with youth to turn ancient knowledge into contemporary competencies

The win-win relationship between business and education, training and university is key to develop the expertise young people need to efficiently enter the labor market.

march 2017
Cottonforlife for Sustainable Fashion: the Rediscovery project

Thanks to the Rediscovery project we are working with fashion Universities and Institutes to support educators to integrate sustainability into the learning curriculum.

march 2017

Filoscozia® is Cotton yarn of the highest quality, made exclusively with Egyptian cotton 100%.

march 2017
The Egyptian Minister of Industry visits Filmar Nile Textile

The Egyptian Minister of Industry, accompanied by the Alexandria Governor and other representatives of the Egyptian government, visited Filmar Nile Textile.

march 2017
Italian design day: events in 100 cities around the world

Design in Italy permeates all fields of culture, art and life to such an extent that it constitutes one of the most distinguished patterns of our culture. 

february 2017
Cottonforlife for sustainable Fashion

A project sponsored by Filmar, Alexbank (a subsidiary of Intesa San Paolo Group) and San Zeno Foundation of Verona in the framework of the Cottonforlife Initiative.

february 2017

ColorAMA: here is the ColorAMA Book with the colorways sent by the University’s students who took part in the Initiative.

january 2017

We closed Pitti filati 80 with a smile…

July 2016
Cottonforlife: A thread running between Italy and Egypt

The video has been presented at Pitti Filati by Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO: "It has been a while since we contemplated ​​making a corporate video that would explain in detail all of our processes. We were looking for the right time and inspiration which came from the Cottonforlife Initiative, an extraordinary experience that involves authentic people and relationships. The video enabled us to make a display of the territories in which we operate, the Franciacorta and Mediterranean cost of Egypt”.