Filmar hosts "Delpo": the young rapper who wants to tell his land story through his songs

"I've been rapping for 2 years cause I want to describe the people stories and the land I belong to..."

“I came up with this idea while working the land with my grandfather and my uncle right behind our house” Davide Delpozzo, in art Delpo, says.

The young rapper - grown in the countries of Franciacorta - wants to turn the famous wine district he belongs to, into his brand and his distinctive feature.

In his lyrics he describes his land, his love for the place where he was born and grown, praising its landscapes and the beauty of nature. 

Davide asked to film the first part of his video "Scialla Fratè" in our company offices with the aim of fostering local productive realities. 

We were pleased to accept and, together, we had a lot of fun.

We wish all success and a brilliant future to this young rapper!!!

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