Special projects for special stories

This is the B-Live motto: a project carried out by the Near Foundation for young people suffering from serious diseases. Through creative training programs, meetings with businessmen and companies' visits they learn the art of living and doing.  
These important activities give them the chance to believe in life and to build and develop skills and interests for their future. The B.livers are involved in projects related to art, publishing industry and fashion. 

Fashion projects have drawn our attention to their originality and to the products manufacturing quality.  

Thanks to the cooperation with Coccinelle and MaxMara Weekend, the "B:LIVE Bag" and the "B.LIVE Techno Chic Parka" were born.
For this reason, we thought that experiencing first-hand the different stages of the process leading to the yarn design could be interesting, since the yarn is a key element in the clothing and fashion accessories creation. 

We opened the door of our company organizing for them a guided tour starting from the Olcese Cotton Mill in order to explain how the natural fiber cotton becomes thread. 
At Filmar this young people have been able to learn the distinct stages of finishing and ennobling. 
During the visit, the film dedicated to the Initiative Cottonforlife has been presented to explain how human knowledge is fundamental to manufacture high-quality yarns that respect the human beings and the planet. 

The B-Live association in the "B-Livers in tour" section of their website, writes:
“Our pursuit of #MadeInItaly #excellencies continues. Topic #Cotton. The B.Livers have visited the Cotton Mill Olcese, to learn how cotton fibers are spun into yarns
In  Filmar they learned how cotton yarns are ennobled and finished

"Discovering what is behind a finished product was very interesting!"
It was an honor and indeed a pleasure for us to meet Bill Niada - the "Fondazione Magica Cleme Onlus" founder - and the young people of his association. 

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