Biofilia is the new Filaticolor collection: a distinctive brand of a new and robust company identity.

After becoming part of Filmar network, Filaticolor has further strengthened its own know-how for the production of creative, cotton-based yarns.

The well established and solid experience of Filmar’s “big family” provides Filaticolor with a sound base for the production and commercialisation of such yarns.

Filaticolor is today a tangible reality, marked by a natural inclination for creativity, novelty and movement. An extremely receptive company open to every request, tendency or atmosphere when it comes about knitted couture.

Biofilia is the new Filaticolor collection that perfectly epitomises the new mood of our company. It is, in fact, an ongoing collection of yarns which will be continuously enriched throughout the year with new suggestions and experimentations.

Biofilia’s offers a large choice of yarns which includes pure cotton and blended ones. The blended are created by using a large variety of fibres and materials such as linen, hemp, wool, cashmere, sequins, metal scales and innovative inserts.

Biofilia can create different varieties of surfaces and textures: soft, resistant, enwrapping, rugged, clean, woolly, shimmering, warm, fresh, as light as a veil or as thick as a blanket.

Biofilia strives to be an ongoing experiment on variety!

You can ask for color shades and for yarn availability in stock or fast service. Orders can be placed for small amounts and for sampling.  

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