Cottonforlife for Sustainable Fashion: the Rediscovery project

Thanks to the Rediscovery project we are working with fashion Universities and Institutes to support educators to integrate sustainability into the learning curriculum. Textile supply chains are becoming more and more complex and it has become almost impossible to trace where and how our clothes are made. Let apart tracing cotton fibers origin and cultivation..!!!
One of the main objectives of our Rediscovery Project, implemented in the frame work of the Cottonforlife Initiative, is to promote the knowledge of the processes linked to the cotton value chain and  its environmental and social impacts.  
Researchers have found that designers influence 80-90 percent of the environmental and economic cost of a product as they select  materials, design methods and production locations. An important and influential role that we need to nurture with knowledge to allow youth to make the right decisions to reduce overall negative impacts. 
The Rediscovery project is realized thanks to the cooperation between the Iuav University of Venice (Fashion, Design and Multimedia Arts Degree), the Fashion Design Center in Cairo, Orsola de Castro’s Reclaim to Wear and funded and coordinated by Filmar SpA and Alexbank (a Subsidiary of Intesa San Paolo Group) and San Zeno Foundation.