ColorAMA Award is a competition promoted by Filmar Spa and held twice a year to inspire fashion students to develop innovative proposals tackling seasonal color foorecasts for yarns. Aside from the prize on offer, the contest will be a fantastic way to showcase students' talents and skills and see them applied to projects outside the classroom: a win-win approach for industry and education institutions to become more competitive.



The Spring/Summer 2020 contest is now closed.

ColorAma 3° edition asks students all over the world to develop an innovative and fashionable digital capsule collection through moodboards inspired by  al least one of the topics  introduced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation and expressing, at the same time, colour and texture trends for the Spring/Summer season 2020. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action plan for people, planet and prosperity signed in September 2015 by the governments of 193 United Nations members states. It includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a wider action plan of a global scale. They represent a set of common aims designed for the international community’s future about important matters such as the fight against poverty, eradicating hunger and climate change’s issues. It’s about “common Goals”, responsibilities and commitments which have to be undertaken by all nations and individuals for a better a more sustainable world. A world that really counts.


The applicants should interpret the SDGs with the personal artistic sensibility and talent in the creation of a digital capsule collection while expressing the last trends in terms of colors and textures. The project has to be developed by taking into consideration the following steps:

  1. Identification of one or more Sustainable Development Goal/s as source of inspiration:
  2. Market analisys on the last trends in terms of colorS and textures comparing different fashion brands collections (through research tools such as website, magazines, shops, behance, pinterest, instagram wgsn etc);
  3. Creation of an inspirational moodboard with maximum 6 pictures;
  4. Development of a color palette by choosing the colors on ColorAMA WEB app;
  5. Design of a digital capsule collection on ColorAMA WEB app  in the Filmar website.


COLORAMA web app is a modern, user-friendly and low environmental impact service that allows the combination of Filmar color yarns, test out the color combinations and see them applied to various and different evergreen patterns on knitwear & socks for men & women. A quick and intuitive service offered to Filmar’s yarn users.


The contest is addressed to students of universities, professional institutes and fashion, design and knitwear academies of all over the world. The students can take part individually or in group. Please note that only 3 projects per school will be accepted.

The request for application has to be done through the application form. Click here to register



All the project material requested has to be sent to the address e-mail, writing as object candidate’s name and surname + school’s name, according to the following requests and formats:

  • Short description of the Sustainable Development Goal/s chosen by describing shortly the reasons, the inspirations, the issues and commitments behind it/them;
  • The material collected during the market analysis has to contain 3 trends, each of them represented by 2 pictures for a total of 6 images (copyright free or with credit).; each trend has to be well-defined by communicating a specific stylistic item (ex. colour, texture, nuance etc..);
  • An high-definition moodboard supplemented by a short explanation/description ( the idea related to the SDGs chosen, the colors and textures selection..);
  • A color palette with maximum 10 colors selected (not including black, white and dark blue);
  • The digital capsule collection has to include:

3 models for women’s hosiery
3 models for women’s knitwear
3 model for men’s hosiery
3 models  for men’s knitwear 

  • The school logo in vector format.

Each document has to be named with the following entries: name and surname of the applicant + object (ex. moodboard, color palette, digital capsule collection..), disclaimer for the used pictures



  • Compliance with all the indications (format, number of trends, colors and articles proposed, materials required);
  • Quality of design and consistency in all development stages of the project idea;
  • Originality and feasibility of the project compared to the latest trends proposed in the fashion sector;
  • Quality of the work and the description, clarity of the contents.



The projects selection will be done by a jury composed by experts of the fashion sector, journalists, entrepreneurs, fashion designers and professors of the most renowned Italian Fashion and Design universities. Upon accurate evaluation of the palettes and the inspirational concepts submitted, the jury will announce the winning student, during an event that will take place at Pitti Filati in Florence.

The first place will be awarded with a €1.500 cash prize and the second place will receive an annual subscriber to a magazine.

 The digital capsule collection designed for Spring/Summer 2020 will be presented at Filmar’s stand in Pitti Filati, will be posted on youtube and promoted by Filmar in all its social network. Moreover, the color palette will be distributed to Filmar’s network clients, suppliers and stakeholders of the textile and fashion industry. 



27 September 2018: launch of ColorAMA Award

17 November 2018: deadline for the registration on the online form

2 December 2018: deadline for project's submission

24 January 2019: prize award to the winners is announced at Pitti Filati 2019


CHECK the ColorAMA for Sustainability brochure 


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