Cottonforlife for sustainable Fashion

A project sponsored by Filmar, Alexbank (a subsidiary of Intesa San Paolo Group) and San Zeno Foundation of Verona in the framework of the Cottonforlife Initiative.

The Rediscovery project, focused on textile Upcycling, is realized thanks to the cooperation between the Iuav University of Venice (Fashion, Design and Multimedia Arts Degree), Filmar SpA,  the Fashion Design Center in Cairo and Orsola de Castro’s Reclaim to Wear.  

The Rediscovery project will connect young fashion designers from Iuav and the Fashion Design Center in Cairo who are interested in developing their work within a sustainable framework. The project aims at aligning young people from different nationalities, with diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds to promote sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge and understanding.

The young designers are encouraged to learn from both educators as well as a selected group of practicing designers who are all active in the field of upcycling, thus furthering their induction into an already existing sustainable approach to production.

Via a combination of practical workshops and theory based presentations, participants will see how project outlines and sustainability can become a creative starting point: focusing on the very real need to preserve and promote fundamental values such as looking after our environment and promote collaboration and social innovation.

Participating students will start their inspiration journey from the Tarkan dress, a 5000 year old Egyptian garment which, according to the National Geographic magazine, can be considered to be the oldest dress in the world. ( 

The Rediscovery Project will continue with a second phase in Egypt, where all participants will have the opportunity to witness an entire cotton supply chain, from seed to fabric. A small exhibit of the students collections will accompany this second phase. Furthermore, selected participants will be supported in a start-up initiative, to continue their journey towards a sustainable future.

Rediscovery: creating connections, share ideas and promote sustainable solutions to inspire new generations of fashion designers.