Cottonforlife: A thread running between Italy and Egypt

The video has been presented at Pitti Filati by Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO: “It has been a while since we contemplated ​​making a corporate video and we were looking for the right time and inspiration to do something different. The inspiration to do so came from the Cottonforlife Initiative, an extraordinary experience that enabled us to tell the way we conceive the work we do, the centrality of human beings and the relationship we established with the communities and the environment. We wanted to tell about products which can proudly speak about their history as they are the result of skilful work, old traditions and ancient lands.


With these concepts in mind we produced a movie where we had the chance to display the territories in which we operate, the Franciacorta and Mediterranean cost of Egypt and to promote two world-famous products: the Franciacorta grapes and the extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. The narration starts from Franciacorta to reach out to the ancient land of the Pharaohs, in the Nile Delta where the best cotton in the world grows. The film tells, in an unusual and emotional way, the path that Filmar has undertaken to develop its entrepreneurial experience which has inextricably linked Italy to Egypt through a constant flow of professionals and exchanges of knowledge and know-how. The film tells about people, places, and relationships which develop through and around the cotton factory, enhancing sharing of knowledge and positive cultural exchanges between peoples and countries. The images take us to the vineyards and the historic villages of Franciacorta, the cotton plantations in Damietta and the Mediterranean sea in Alexandria. Cottonforlife goes along the Nile to tell about ancient crafts and small villages, popular songs and festivals. The movie shows the dedication of the Egyptian farmers who have managed, thanks to the incentives and the spark triggered by Filmar supported by Alexbank Gruppo Intesa San Paolo, to build solidarity cooperative networks that initiated the production of the first extra-long staple organic cotton. The first yarn, originated from the initiative, has been named NILO in honor of Egypt and the fertile land that generated it.