Filmar collection spring - summer 2024

Nature is the inspirational theme for the presentation campaign of Filmar's spring-summer 2024 collection. 

"Flower atmosphere" is the mood that guides Filmar's creations, paying homage and attention to eco design. 

Flowers, trees, and leaves are the elements of nature to tell the story of Filmar's unbreakable bond with the earth: a constant quest to imagine and develop quality products and excellence of unique artifacts. 
The classicism of the floral element is revitalized by Nicola Luccarini's stylistic research, which is revealed in the creation of hand-painted knitted garments enriched with vintage and fashion accessories made from upcycled materials. Red feathers, precious fabrics, nets, and pleated paper give life to "sculpture outfits" with a sparkling and experimental final effect for an irregular and intentional extravagance. 
Nature, interpreted as a primary element to be respected and valued, inspires our daily creativity.  Cotton, our main noble fiber, after being spun, blended, and expertly processed – becomes a fundamental element in creating soft and comfortable garments with a noble and sophisticated soul. 

The focus on sustainability that perfectly combines with the very high quality of Filmar’s yarns is, as always, the basis for the development of our collections.  Starting with the choice of materials: long fiber cottons for durable garments, yarns blended with biodegradable polyamide fibers and yarns with very low environmental impact, measured by LCA, composed of fibers recovered through upcycling processes. 

Yarns that come from the CottonforLife initiative, an innovative carbon insetting project in collaboration with farmer cooperatives that have, over time, developed organic and regenerative farming activities. Filmar in partnership with supply chain partners, supports the creation of an environmentally friendly and socially responsible textile supply chain. 

We invite you to discover our collection of innovative yarns created through transparent and traceable sustainable processes. 

Be inspired by the softness of Nilo, Organic Egyptian Cotton, the 336 new Cottonstore colors, Biotech – cotton blended with biodegradable polyamide, the stars of light from Crazy – cotton blended with metallic fiber, and more. 

We look forward to seeing you at Pitti Filati 92 


January 25-27, 2023 

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