On the occasion of COP27, held in Sharm El Sheikh in November, Filmar presented and discussed with important partners and stakeholders some practical solutions that can be applied to production processes to achieve products with a lower environmental impact, in line with the targets set for C02 reduction.    

To quote our CSR and sustainability manager Piera Francesca Solinas: "It was an inspiring experience in which synergies were strengthened between suppliers, brands, trade associations, NGOs and young designers. Each expressed their point of view as a key player, with always the purpose on keeping as focus the fight against climate change."  

Filmar took part in two key events held at the GreenZone and the Italian Pavilion - BluZone. 

  • The first event was the meeting organized by the Egyptian Apparel Association - focused on the need for greater coordination among supply chain actors to decrease the environmental impact of the entire Supply Chain.  

Guests of honor: H.E. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment and by Mrs. Marie Louis Bishara, President of the Egyptian Apparel Council.  

  • As for the second occasion, Filmar participated as a guest of Save the Children in the panel opened by Minister Pichetto Fratin. The aim was to support and emphasize the importance of youth participation in the fight against climate change and more responsible and sustainable fashion.