Our moments of conviviality

On Friday, September 30, our annual company dinner was held in the historic and charming setting of the Borgo Santa Giulia Restaurant (Corte Franca - Brescia). 

It was a very special event, not only because it was the first one after more than two years of pandemic, but also because it was an opportunity to celebrate the well-deserved retirement of Giuseppe Delbarba and Luisa Lancini, historical figures in Filmar who have always shown attachment to the company, commitment and professionalism in their more than 40 years of work. 

It was a moment of conviviality and fun that was accompanied by the show of the comedian Vincenzo Regis, who for the occasion offered hilarious sketches specially developed on the habits and sayings of the newly retired. To our Beppe and Luisella the thanks and congratulations of the entire Marzoli Family and all colleagues for the goal achieved as well as best wishes for the new season of life they are about to begin.