Recent changes implemented in the company, including the digitization of production and production re-layout, have led the company to make an assessment of the skills of its internal resources to adapt them to the new tasks and duties.   

The reorganization of the production area, in fact, has not been limited to a mere reorganization of the company's machinery but also to an empowerment of the workforce, with a view to the personal and professional improvement and growth of the production staff.  

A journey that began in 2019 that resulted in training, tutoring and coaching modules, carried out by internal and external resources, which resulted in an organizational reorganization of the entire production department.  

As a result of these training sessions, it has been possible to revise the scheme of technical manager - schedulers - shift leaders - workers, giving more responsibility to the female workers in the department, who are now able to complete several steps related to a production order in a completely autonomous and independent manner.  

In addition, the technical manager and the scheduling manager are now flanked by 3 team leaders and 7 vice-team leaders, who have the task of supervising the work in the department by motivating the team with a view to continuous improvement. Filmar has been adopting the lean thinking & organization discipline for several years now to improve production processes and better respond to customer demands. 

This process of organizational and skills reorganization has touched part of the production staff and will be extended to all staff in the coming years with the aim of improving work awareness and reducing alienation in the work environment.