The rising costs of raw materials as well as the increasingly evident phenomena of climate change have made sustainability a key issue in the running of all our activities.  

Filmar approach involves the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies in processes, products and services in order to increase the efficiency of business operations and reduce risks to humans and the environment. 

In particular, our Filmar Reuse project, launched in September 2021, aims at the internal re-use of cardboard boxes, pallets and the reduction in the use of stretch film.  

An evolving project with a dual objective: reducing the use of new boxes and pallets for less impact on our ecosystem, and mitigating packaging disposal costs for our customers. 

The valuable collaboration of several customers who share the same savings and sustainability goals with us, together with a meticulous study of internal logistics and handling by our staff, have led to the following results so far:

➡ 42,127 boxes recovered representing a 25% reduction in the use of new boxes

➡ 5,049 pallets recovered representing a 73% reduction in the use of new pallets

➡ 60% reduction in the use of stretch film for internal handling

This resulted in 2,423 KWh saved and 792 kg of CO2 avoided in the case of pallets and 19,800 KWh saved and 6,470 kg of CO2 avoided thanks to the reduction in the purchase of cardboard boxes.