Filmar and sustainability

We are pleased to present our Open Report!!!

The document is a communication tool that outlines, in a transparent and structured manner, our corporate, social and environmental achievements and presents our commitment to sustainable development. 
With the Report, we want to inform customers and stakeholders about our sustainability strategy, which is closely linked to the way we work, the people who collaborate with us, and our products.
The Report describes Filmar's commitments and combines them with qualitative and quantitative objectives that can be measured over time, related to the indicators defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.
Reduced consumption of energy, water and raw materials are analyzed and quantified to measure the impact of our activities on the environment and to set up continuous improvement plans towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Moreover, in 2017, we decided to adhere to the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the initiative for the promotion and dissemination of sustainable development practices launched and sponsored by the United Nations, to show the integration in our policies, strategies and activities of the 10 principles related to human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.
Our Open Report thus represents the Communication on Progress (COP), a tool through which we inform our stakeholders through the UNGC's platform, about our activities and achievements over the past 4 years in reference to the SDGs.
Learn more about our commitment to UN Global Compact ➡  GLOBAL COMPACT.

We wish you an interesting reading: ➡ OPEN REPORT 2022