Yarns Fit for the Environment

FILMAR SPA, in partnership with CIOCCA SPA and Mod Security S.r.l., has undertaken an important R&D project with a twofold objective: to reduce waste through the adoption of assembly-to-order and just-in-time production processes and to promote product traceability and transparency as a prerequisite for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The project supported the reorganization of the production and logistics process between FILMAR (a cotton yarn manufacturer) and CIOCCA (a manufacturer of high-quality hosiery and knitwear), using RFID technology supplied by Mod Security to guarantee the traceability of the product along the  different production processes. This  allowed the end to end  finished garment traceability providing consumers with all the info related to materials and processes related to the product they are purchasing by simply scanning the QrCode placed on the label.    

FILMAR and its partners involved in the Yarns Fit for the Environment Project believe in  the importance of  traceability and transparency and consider them as cornerstones for economic and environmental sustainability. Collaborative partnerships along the supply chain are now essential for sustainable productions. 

The project was officially presented by our CEO Marco Marzoli on November 25, 2021 at the second edition of the Forum regionale per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile organized by the Lombardy Region, entitled "Qui cresce il futuro", attended by representatives of the textile/fashion world including:   

- Matteo Ward, CEO and co-founder of WRÅD   

- Ilaria Massari, Director of REI, leader of the Lombardy Cosmetic System   

- Diego Bosco, CEO of BICT Srl, leader of the project Scent of Lombardy    

- Giancarlo Salviati, Research Manager associated with CNR for ALPA Spa, leader of the project Nano green leather   

- Roberto Vannucci, Responsible R&I of CENTROCOT Spa, leader of the project C-TEX Circular textiles.