Colorama Award 5th Edition

On the occasion of Pitti Filati 89, Filmar announced the finalists and winner of the 5th edition of the ColorAMA Award 
COLORAMA award is an initiative to inspire fashion students to develop innovative proposals tackling seasonal color and texture forecasts for yarns. Aside from the prize on offer, the contest is an innovative way to showcase students' talents and skills and see them applied to projects outside the classroom: a win-win approach for industry and education institutions to become more competitive. 
The 5th Edition of the award is held under the auspices of the Consorzio Promozione Filati an international consortium of spinners for the International promotion of the associated members. The CPF is the owner of the renowned Feel the Yarn brand and contest ( As for previous editions, we received so many projects that it was very difficult to select the best ones. The Jury of the contest selected 3 finalists among more than 100 proposals received for universities and design institutes from all over the world.  The Jury of the 5th edition is composed by: Barbara Guarducci | Creative Director Mending for Good, Nicola Luccarini | Fashion and knitwear designer, Elisabetta Tolaini | Owner of DEPIO, Niccolò Cipriani | Founder of Rifò, Ornella Bignami | Creative Director of Elementi moda and delegate of Consorzio promozione filati. 
A selection of the most interesting projects is collected in a book and tagged on all socials by author and geographic area so as to provide a world map of color combinations. The book is presented and distributed to all Filmar's customers, besides being published on social networks. 
The first prize of 2000 euros has been awarded to the project “Inclusive Pink” by Vo Thi Thu Hang student at the Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam.  She told us that she believes this is the time for human development to create or re-create a different world where inequalities can be reduced.  She said:” To convey the message, I want to create a gender-inclusive digital capsule collection that emphasizes my favourite  colour, PINK, my favourite colour, as I believe it is the new grey, inspired by Red Dragon Fruit”. The second prize is awarded to the project Subtle Second Skin, by Mengyuan You from Chelsea College of Arts. Menguyan told us that her capsule collection is about the knitwear origins. She says:” Clothes are the smallest shelter a human being could ever carry. The knitwear’s origins can be traced back to the ‘gansey’ sweaters which aims to provide protection and warmth. The knitwear is a typical type of clothes to represent ‘shelter’. Shelter is also the key word of the color I chose. My capsule collection is about a private moment in domestic place. It’s a shelter, a way of withdrawing from what’s around you and make you feel safe.  
Third finalist is Francesco Iacovino, from Politecnico di Milano who developed the project titled Of Traced Wanderings to tell about a a journey of research. Research in traditions, roots, but also in the future and in innovation. An apparently aimless wandering told in a diary in which feelings, images with all their shades of colours. The goal is clear: rediscover the roots, tracing a map that tells the origin of the materials and the paths they have taken to get to where they are now. 
Filmar sees in young and their creative potential the future of the sector; for this reason, the competition represents an important dialogue tool capable of involving and arousing the interest of new generations of young fashion designers in different ways of thinking and designing to discover new creative horizons, today more than ever indispensable. Filmar is proud to provide youth with a real opportunity to access the fashion world.