Filmar presents

Filmar presents sustainable yarns collection Spring Summer 2022. Download the trend book!

The awareness of ourselves and our identity in a world now conscious of our condition and limitations is the main source of inspiration
for the S / S 2022 season. Less emphasis on “mass trends” in favour of a more intimate, personal and ethical fashion where our identity, with its peculiarities and diversity, is placed at the core. While everything seems to be out of our control, we are keener on protecting ourselves and the environment in an attempt to regain control. We are less superficial and looking for suitable behaviors to respect people and planet.

Filmar is at the forefront of sustainability not only by certifying processes and products but also by being directly involved in the activities we launch and promote to cultivate and process raw materials.

A sustainable yarn is, in our view:
• a product made by using raw materials and adopting processes that preserve precious resources,
decrease negative impacts and promote regenerative procedures.
• a product made by people that are respected, nurtured and given the possibility of developing
knowledge and skills, through continuous improvement.
• a product that enhances shared economic growth by guaranteeing that our firm’s success fosters
social progress.