Today, more than ever, we are called to demonstrate our real commitment to unity and cooperation. Transparent,  traceable and responsible supply chains are the core of our business and our main strength.  We have always nurtured and cared about our suppliers, selecting them according to our main values and stringent criteria. We do not want to loose them and we will keep supporting our value chains, starting from the farmers who cultivate our precious cotton: no one will walk alone. 
We are very aware and  conscious of the difficulties,  but we keep focussed on our main objective: keep our sector strong and avoid disruptions of the supply chain which can cause a devastating domino effect.
We are ALL called to show that our devotion to sustainability and social responsibility is real and sincere, and goes  beyond certifications! 
FILMAR pays its suppliers, employees, workers and collaborators: that’s the actual sustainability of today for a possible tomorrow.