SS 2021 Filmar Collection

A quality that is the result of constant research, innovation and cutting-edge technologies applied to production processes. In fact, Filmar is among the first spinning companies to adopt innovative management approaches such as Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking which allow operational efficiency also in the management of the stock service by offering a wide choice of colors and titles.

Filmar this year presents its 7 "best seller" yarns for which it has expanded the availability of colors and titles in order to meet the needs of its and potential customers such as Gold, a yarn that is the product of the precious marriage between the naturalness of 100% organic extra-long fiber Egyptian cotton (from the Cottonforlife initiative), the refinement of the best Cashmere and the preciousness of silk. Proposed as an excellent alternative to 100% Cashmere, Gold recalls the wise combination of organic cotton with these noble raw materials (50% nylon, 30% Cashmere, 20% silk); Artic, a very high performance, elastic, fresh and modern yarn and the zero pilling Zero, particularly strong and dense, both processed using the innovative COM Rieter4 yarning technique; moreover, we have the original Filoscozia, very high quality gassed and mercerized Egyptian cotton and the Cotton Store. Finally, in order to dwelve in the exclusive Cashmere word, we have the Cotton&Cashmere, an extraordinarily soft and ultra-fine product, Mako Cashmere 45, composed of organic GIZA 45 Egyptian cotton, mixed with the finest Cashmere. Pleasantly light and cool, Ares is a flamed yarn where the 100% Egyptian cotton threads are twisted in order to create a delicate and sheer fact, ideal for straight and circular knitwear and hosiery; the 100% slub, Tribale with its surprising chromatic effects and Tipo, a soft and precious product combining the refinement of Egyptian cotton with the softness of Cashmere.

New combinations of high-performing natural and artificial materials create an effervescent and experimental look, such as Techcare, a type of performing recycled nylon, intertwined with compact and strong cotton; Icare, a performing recycled polyester enriched with the softness of Egyptian cotton, ideal if you are looking for concreteness in new things.

A wide variety of natural yarns combining organic fibers from nettle, linen, hemp and cotton capable of offering raw or refined effects such as the Leaf, Hempy, Wildlife, Outsider and Meringa cotton in bouclé effects. Among the creative reinterpretations of micromodal we can find fancy, sparkling and whimsical combinations like the Feeling and Sensation, with a twine of silk, cotton and Cashmere threads.
Filmar presents again for this season, the iconic organic cotton C20Biofil certifiable and  NILO, result of the Cottonforlife initiative and certificated by the Global Organic Textile standards (GOTs), combining the excellent varieties GIZA 45 and 87 in one yarn that generates the authentic soul of cotton, which can be felt in its soft, silky and one-of-a-kind consistency; 
This year Filmar has extended its offer of stock service GOTs certified yarns for knitwear.

Filmar Network’s yarns offer expresses a strong sensitivity towards sourcing sustainable raw material. Besides obtaining the GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for our organic cottons, Filmar also collaborates with BCI in order to improve cotton cultivation practices all over the world. When you buy Filmar cotton yarns, you support the Better Cotton initiative and the farmers who take part in it. 

A collection that weaves soft surfaces and textures which are sustained, wrapping, dazzling and light, the best fit for the new contemporary needs of the spring – summer season to create fresh and rich knitwear.