Filmar celebrates the World Cotton Day at WTO

On 7th October 2019 Filmar contributed to the “Panel on key innovation themes for a sustainable, competitive and efficient cotton-textile industry” organized by UNIDO during the launch of the World Cotton Day, with the participation of Filmar CEO, Mr. Marco Marzoli.
The panel discussion, moderated by Piera Francesca Solinas, has gathered important actors of the sector (from researchers and machinery-technology developers to brands) in a dialogue on the innovation and technology drivers that are shaping the development for a competitive and sustainable cotton-textile industry 4.0: 
•    Heinz Zeller, Sustainability at Hugo Boss Ticino
•    Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO
•    Cristian Locatelli, GM Camozzi Group
•    Mohamed Negm, Vice  Chairman of the International Cotton Research Association  ICRA – ICAC.
•    Natalia Papu Carrone, Researcher and Analyst at Circle Economy

Under this framework, we have presented Filmar's sustainability strategy with focus on the Cottonforlife Initiative which aims at developing a traceable and responsible fashion value chain.  Cottonforlife contributes to the UNIDO Cotton project  to maximize and extend the positive impacts so far achieved.  The initiative witnesses how sustainability is key to Filmar strategy, as part of our DNA. Once again, we have declared our commitment for the sustainable development in the Egyptian cotton industry by offering products which are the result of continuous investments in research innovation and green technologies. During the panel session Filmar’s CEO Marco Marzoli has brought his experience with the Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking approach in the contest of the Industry 4.0.: “as the first textile company to introduce the lean manufacturing focusing on a continuous improvement and the waste reduction, this approach allow us to mantain a strict control of the value chain from the seed to the yarn and increase effective and sustainable management of the processes”. 

Since years, the company takes leadership in driving sustainable solutions in terms of traceability and transparency, by working proactively and closely with the actors of its value chain to address environmental, social and business challenges of the sector.