Cutting Though

The idea of overcoming the conventional becomes the subject of the thesis of the student Irene Sassaro from the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano.
A project that took inspiration from the topics of the spatialist art of androgyny as well as from the aggressive and unconventional style of the 70s - 80s singer Grace Jones. The singer turned out to be an inspirational muse for the creation of a collection entirely designed to express the idea of overcoming the two-dimensional art as well as that of an outfit tied to a stereotyped genre, in this case the female one. Spatialist creations that play on the alternation of the classic male element with a more violent and aggressive female one. Garments made with Filoscozia® yarn and  the100% Egyptian cotton of Filmar which give structure and linearity to a collection that expresses a strong coexistence of different gender identities.