Filmar at the Pitti Filati 85

The quality of the product and its sustainability are at the center of the Filmar stand: precious Egyptian cotton fibers transformed into yarns thanks to the use of advanced technologies and processes based on respect for the environment and people. Filmar has chosen to present its production phases on the central wall of the stand to highlight the traceability of its supply chain that links the agricultural activities of Egyptian farmers to the industrial ones of Filmar Nile Textile in Borg el Arab and Filmar Spa in Italy.
To give to the visitors an interactive and multi-sensorial experience, a VR technology viewer is available that offers a 360-degree view of the production cycle that stretches from the Nile Delta to the Franciacorta vineyards.

Starting from the company's core business, Filmar's 5 best seller products are proposed asa the result of  cutting-edge research that combines the naturalness of 100% organic and compact cotton with the preciousness of cashmere and silk. But not only: this year Filmar offers a section dedicated to Athleisure with technical and performing yarns where compact cotton is mixed with fibers with strong tech imprint (nylon and recycled polyester).
In addition to the flowing red corner dedicated to the exclusive Filoscozia, with a capsule collection that expresses the different applications of this product, the east area presents the wonderful winning socks of the About Socks competition made in Filoscozia by the young designers of the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Bologna .

A stand, therefore, that outlines and interprets the new trends by reconstructing the life cycle of the product, highlighting the principles of sustainable fashion among colors, images and volumes wisely calibrated to stimulate the visitor's eye, giving energy and movement to the exhibition space.

A unique product experience that reveals how commitment, passion and respect are the essential ingredients to guarantee an uncompromising quality.