Cottonforlife: education and training for sustainability

Cottonforlife supports the core idea of sustainability whereby each generation inherits the earth from those who have come before them. The aim of every generation should be to leave it in better, or at least in no worse, condition than when it found it. For this to happen youth must be equipped and empowered by knowledge, skills and values to drive change. That is why we are working in Egyptian schools to develop students’ knowledge of environmental and social issues, with regard to cotton textile value chain. At the Damietta school, very close to cotton plantations in the Nile Delta, Cottonforlife is supporting students and teacher in learning about sustainable cotton production. Last week three days training sessions have been held on principles and criteria related to organic agriculture, including irrigation systems and organic compost preparation. Thanks to the technical assistance that Cottonforlife has been providing to the school, Filmar has received last month the first cotton lint cultivated by the students at the school fields and guided by the teachers and local cotton agronomist that the Cottonforlife Initiative has engaged.  The students will participate in a study visit to Filmar Nile Textile to experience how the Giza 92 they nurtured from the seed  will become the soul of fashion trends..
In Borg El Arab industrial school, Cottonforlife continues training students on sustainable textile industrial practices related to spinning and finishing of cotton yarns. Students are now attending the third year, combining theoretical study to 2 days a week practical training at Filmar Nile Textile. We are very proud of the impressive development in skills and knowledge of youth participating in the project. 
Remarkable achievements that we will continue to develop by organizing, for both agricultural and industrial schools, workshops, field visits, group discussions and other educational activities with a focus designed to influence students and their community’s attitudes towards sustainability.