Filmar’s collections for the 2017 spring-summer season have been presented at Pitti Filati 78, in a creative and joyful setting underscoring the central role of human beings and respect of nature

The balanced and privileged relation between nature and man, the respect of people’s rights and nature conservation have always been the pillars of our productive processes. This year we developed our stand around these central themes to underscore our belief and present, with pride, NILO, the first extra fine organic and ethical yarn blossomed in the framework of the Cottonforlife Initiative. The programme aims at enhancing a fully eco-friendly and socially responsible textile industry.

Through the initiative, implemented with the support of the Alexbank of the Intesa San Paolo Group, Filmar defines its commitment in favor of green practices by getting directly involved in a big challenge aimed at transparency and sustainability of its production processes.

A special thanks goes to our customers, young fashion designers, students, researchers and to all visitors who deeply appreciated our initiatives and products. An important acknowledgment which adds to our belief of being on the right track: innovation and sustainability with a human face.