Makò Cashmere


Makò Cashmere 45 is the result of an exclusive blending of organic Giza 45, the world’s finest cotton, with pure and precious cashmere harvested through manual shearing and combing. The unique organic and ethical Giza 45, produced thanks to the Cottonforlife Initiative, has been cultivated in the Nile Delta. Our cotton is cultivated in compliance with organic protocols, handpicked in various phases to guarantee the selection of the most mature harvests. This noble fibre is then processed and dyed according to certified processes, with products that respect the environment and human beings. Makò Cashmere 45 pays tribute to the King of cottons and the cotton of the Kings, the only cotton fibre with a length over 36 mm and a fineness of less than 3 micronaire. The blending of these two luxurious fibres gives life to a natural yarn which is precious, sophisticated and suitable for refined and soft knitwear and clothes.

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