Filoscozia The Original - Filoscozia Attitude

Jerseys, sweatshirts, t-shirts, scarves, trousers, crop tops, but also footwear and fashion accessories, home-design, sportswear and co-branding ... get ready to be sorrounded by the red and flowing icon of logomania "FILOSCOZIA the original".
The historic cotton brand, which since 1982 has interpreted the best hosiery and underwear, is now looking at the fashion world - thanks to the new yarn collections, offered in a wide range of titles and colors.
The active collaboration with established brands, but above all with emerging young fashion designers and fashion institutes, has turned Filoscozia to be among the favorite materials for creative research.
In the last months "FILOSCOZIA ATTITUDE" garments and objects have come to life, designed to express at its best the characteristics of this extraordinary yarn - characterized by vivid and bright color, brightness, tenacity, and durability, softness to the touch, comfort and application versatility.
Filoscozia cotton is also proposed in blends with other fibers and - up to a minimum of 70% of the yarn's composition, each garment "Filoscozia® the original" can be guaranteed by holographic labels, available in different formats and safe to counterfeit.
"Filoscozia attitude" is also the claim proposed by the authorized producers Filmar Spa and Cotonificio Olcese for the new Filoscozia 2019 campaign. A few words to communicate their beliefs in beauty and well doing - because "Beauty is the best recommendation letter".

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