ColorAMA Award for Sustainability 2019 - Fashion and SDGs

Fashion has the extraordinary power to define trends and change people's lifestyles and consumption and to orient them towards sustainability. We know that this change is not only possible, but it is essential. Young people are the driving force to make change. And it is precisely to young generations that Filmar and its supply chain partners, under the patronage of the Global Compact Network Italia, have dedicated the Colorama for Sustainability initiative. The award, which reached its third edition, has involved fashion and design students from Universities and Institutes all over the world, inviting them to create capsule collections inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.
On January 24th at Pitti Filati 84, Filmar has announced, together with its partners, the winner of the ColorAMA for Sustainability 2019, Lucas Lopes Barcellos, with Prof. Nicholas Lorenzetti as project leader, from the Raffles Design Institute of Guangzhou. To the winner a prize of 1550 Euro has been assigned for its capsule collection which represents the spirit of an equal, inclusive and sustainable community. Moreover, the students Georgina Norris and Boya Zhao from Designskolen Kolding, Denmark, won the second place with a fresh and creative collection that emphasizes very well the role of innovation and collaborations as the two main catalysts of the sustainable development.
The announcement of the winner was therefore an opportunity of dialogue with several Filmar’s supply chain partners on issues related to sustainability in the textile industry and the management, in partnership, of the value chain in line with respect for the environment, with the rights of people and the well-being and growth of the various territories involved. The event has been opened by the intervention of Filmar’s CEO, Marco Marzoli, who highlighted how the company is committed to promoting and implementing an ethical and sustainable cotton supply chain placing the SDGs at the center of its strategy. “ As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Filmar intends to promote and support, in its sphere of influence, a set of fundamental principles related to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption". "Issues and realities which have to be taken into account by any industrial sector that wants to be competitive on a global level because sustainability has become an imperative and a source of competitiveness", added Michele Marazzini, Manager of Calzificio Parabiago and Guido Capelli, CEO of the Group Dondi.
To underline the role of companies as agents of sustainable development, Margherita Macellari of the Global Compact Network Italia, stated: "Companies are the main development promoters for the advancement of the SDGs, as the private sector, while generating employment, creates working and growth opportunities for the communities involved”. "We are very happy to have contributed to the creation of ColorAMA for Sustainability", continued the representative, "as these initiatives emphasize the importance of collaborations and public-private synergies while enhancing the potential of young people that we see themselves protagonists with projects that go beyond the school boundaries".
The interaction between fashion and sustainability calls for the new generations of fashion designers who, according to the eco-designer Tiziano Guardini "have become the main agents of change; they are the driving force behind the new trends and that will shape the future of the fashion industry ". Recalling the fairy tale of the solitary fight of a hummingbird that inspired the fashion designer in its many collections, the "designer of the nature" concluded by inviting everyone to make their own contribution to sustainable development, regardless of the final result.