Merry Christmas 2018!

The new year is coming and in these last days of 2018 we want to stop for a moment to look back and think about the goals we achieved thanks to you. You have shown to appreciate and share our philosophy based on a transparent, traceable and ethical production model which respects the environment and individuals.. 

Therefore, we want to continue to be part of your creations and count on your support for a fashion system that can make a tangible difference. 

We want to continue working  with you, being agents   of change and a source of resourcefulness and inspiration for the new generations. 

But above all we want to to build with you business models and value chains that deal responsibly with people and the planet.

For this reason, we wish to send you our best wishes for  joyful and serene holidays.

Filmar continues to support San Zeno Foundation’s initiatives, donating the entire budget of Christmas gifts. San Zeno Foundation keeps helping people who live in difficulties. Small gestures which have a great impact on the beneficiaries

                                                                                                               Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!