Filmar and UNIDO join hands to introduce BCI cotton in Egypt

With the aim to enhance the production of traceable and sustainable Egyptian cotton for the global market, Filmar collaborates in Egypt with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to ensure that what has been so far achieved in the framework of  the Cottonforlife initiative, is rolled out to maximize the positive impacts that the cultivation and industrial transformation of sustainable cotton produces for people and the environment. To this regard, under the framework of “The Egyptian Cotton Project” carried out by UNIDO which leverage on Filmar’s Cottonforlife Initiative, on 19th November 2018, a formal Agreement have been signed by UNIDO and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)  to cooperate on the activation of the BCI pilot projects in selected areas in Egypt during the 2019 cotton season. UNIDO has also contracted Helvetas Schweiz Intercooperation to implement the pilot. Under the agreement, UNIDO (through The Egyptian Cotton Project) and in cooperation with Filmar,  will manage, coordinate and fund activities related to implementation and monitoring. BCI, in coordination with selected Implementing Partners, will support UNIDO by providing guidance, sharing knowledge, developing materials and providing relevant experts to work together to approach international stakeholders and donors for the start-up and scaling up of the BCI pilot in Egypt. Once the pilot is complete, and in coordination with relevant Egyptian governmental entities and private sector stakeholders, UNIDO and BCI will support the start-up of a direct BCI Programme (or a benchmark process) in Egypt. The launch event and presentation of the BCI pilot project held in Egypt on 20th November 2018 was attended by the  UNIDO Regional Director,  the Director of the Cotton Research Institute, the Regional Manager of Better Cotton Initiative, the Senior Advisor of Helvetas Schweiz Intercooperation, as well as CEOs of local and global textile companies and brands who agreed on the crucial role played by joint initiatives to advance the country cotton industry’s sustainable growth. 

Filmar is a member of BCI through Filmar Nile in Egypt.  Filmar SpA is registered in the BCI platform, a digital system that guarantees the possibility of tracking purchases and sales and issuing BCI-output declarations to its customers.