The Eco-designer Tiziano Guardini presents his sustainable kit

During a fire in the forest, as all the animals were fleeing, a hummingbird was flying the opposite direction, carrying a drop of water in its beak.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Asked the lion.
“I’m going to put out the fire!” Answered the small bird.
“With a drop of water?” Rebutted the lion with a mocking sneer.
The hummingbird, resuming its flight, responded:
“I’m doing my part!”

Using this ancient fable, Tiziano Guardini describes his work: an harmonious marriage between nature and fashion taking shape in experimental creations that reflect the dynamism and joy of life.

Some regard him as a new talent, others call him the “fashion designer of nature” but some others consider him as a real agent of change who will bring fashion towards more sustainable horizons.

Young, from Rome, with a degree in economy, Tiziano Guardini is fascinated by the fashion world since a very young age, and decides, as an adult, to study at the Rome Koefia Academy. After obtaining the title of fashion designer and a Master’s degree in product management, he starts various collaborations with many style departments of different ateliers in Rome, by choosing to work along several PAP and accessory companies. Here, he discovers his talent for sustainable projects where he manages to marry the elegance and quietness of nature with the dynamic rhythms of fashion trends. That’s how the eco-designer Tiziano Guardini started his career in the fashion world, becoming today one of the major ambassadors of sustainable development.
Over time, Tiziano’s creative approach and capacity to dare, allowed the artist to follow a growth path dense with challenges and successes that led him to receive, in September 2017 at the La Scala theater in Milan, the “Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer” at the Green Carpet Challenge and the "Peta Couture Award" in October. In September 2018, Mercedes-Benz chose him as young and new designer and sponsored the fashion show for the spring/summer 2019 collection in the official schedule of MFW where Tiziano proposed his “sustainable kit”, a clothing collection for men and women with vivid colors ranging from neon yellow to bluette, from pink to green. The clothes become small artworks created using performing and eco-friendly materials.
Four his hosiery and knitwear, Tiziano has chosen our NILO line, the first Egyptian organic cotton yarn (GOTS), created within the Cottonforlife initiative; Zero, 100% Egyptian cotton yarn processed using the innovative COM4 spinning technology and the original 100% Egyptian cotton Filoscozia, mercerized and gassed. Thanks to his passion and dedication towards sustainable fashion, the talented fashion designer managed to earn the trust and admiration of many companies and industry players who gave their contribution to sustain the artist’s activity as well.