The Egyptian Cotton Project and Cottonforlife for the Egyptian cotton industry

In the framework of The Egyptian Cotton Project, implemented by UNIDO in partnership with Filmar and Alexbank of Intesa San Paolo Group, to leverage on the Cottonforlife Initiative, a roundtable discussion has been held on 1st October to discuss on cotton and textile sustainability in Egypt. The Minister of Agriculture presented the efforts done to increase cotton cultivated area from 226,000 feddans to 336,000 feddans this year. The Minister of Public Business Sector elaborated on the plan to modernize public companies for the strategic positioning of the country in the local and international markets. The roundtable addressed main topics of textile sustainability and investments in cotton quality production. The participants also highlighted the importance of skills development along the value chain from field to industry. The roundtable hosted key guests including CEOs of international textile companies such as Filmar, Albini Group,  Elvy Weaving SAE, Calzedonia and Camozzi Digital, among other local entrepreneurs. The Project is funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS) and is implemented in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

“This project is an example of effective partnership between the private and public sector and the UN. With such level of involvement from the private sector it is much easier to achieve value-addition and indeed sustainability is not just an added value into our business, it’s a must” said UNIDO regional Director.
“Sustainability, traceability, and transparency are the three main pillars the market requires in order to stay competitive”, this was the main message conveyed by the international textile companies participating in the event, while encouraging the participants to support the long and extra-long staple Egyptian cotton to get back on the global market arena.