Filmar and UNIDO took part in the “Cotton Harvest Day” in Egypt

As a part of the Cottonfolife initiative, Filmar collaborated with UNIDO Egypt to organize a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainability of Egyptian cotton, together with partners and stakeholders of our supply chain. The activities have been organized as a part of the The Egyptian Cotton Project carried out by UNIDO in collaboration with Filmar in order to reinforce and extend best practices launched by the Cottonforlife initiative.

A few days ago, we opened the doors of Filmar Nile Textile, in Borg El Arab and welcomed politicians, diplomats, investors and fashion brands, in order to show our integrated cotton production chain, based on an inclusive and innovative business model. In order to spread a better understanding of the high quality of the Egyptian cotton, on September 30th, the first “Cotton Harvest Day” was organized in the Governorate of Damietta, in the Nile Delta, dedicated to show best practices in cotton harvesting and to celebrate the first successful cultivation cycle of DEMO cultivation plots started in the framework of The Egyptian Cotton Project, implemented by UNIDO and funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS)
A day dedicated to discover the true soul of Egyptian cotton, with the presentation of cultivation and harvesting best practices aimed at lowering cotton contamination. The celebration was organized to promote innovative partnerships on a global scale by putting together different players of the entire cotton value chain. The Governor of the Damietta region Manal Mikhail took part in the event together with representatives of the Egyptian Ministries of agriculture, industry and trade, the Italian Embassy in Egypt and the Agency for Cooperation and Development. International investors and representatives from the cotton textile/clothing industry participated in the celebration together with Filmar’s CEO and Vice President, Marco and  Enrico Marzoli.