Filmar yarns catch the attention of Salvatore Ferragamo

The new sandal by Salvatore Ferragamo, inspired by the principles of sustainability, has been launched. The model was born on the base of the legendary Rainbow sandal - one of the most iconic creations by Salvatore Ferragamo, made out of suede in 1938 for actress Judy Garland - and it celebrates the connection between made in Italy tradition and the effort of the brand towards a sustainable development.
Rainbow Future is a genuine wooden wedge shoe, with handcrafted details, handmade with organic cotton (certified according to GOTS criteria - Global Organic Textile Standard) crocheted by hand which was awarded with the ISO 14067 certification. By sharing the same ideals and criteria of quality, excellence and sustainability, Filmar was chosen to give a contribution with its organic cotton yarns, dyed with natural colors, to the creation of the polychromatic sole.
For a shoe that marries ethics and aesthetics, Salvatore Ferragamo wanted to get us involved in his “responsible passion” to realize a product that uses precious and the wonderful materials to synthesize the history, the effort and creativity of the Florence brand.