Filaticolor and the new F/W collection 2019/20

Dynamic and with a natural inclination towards movement and innovation, Filaticolor proposes fibers such as organic cottons, Merino wool, cashmere and silk, redesigned with innovative processes and  blended with technical fibers in order to obtain trendy yarns without giving up quality. The result is a constantly evolving collection which is ideal for straight knitwear, hosiery, circular knitting and weaving.
This year Filati Color book introduces three macro families, which can be distinguished by three color palettes. Red: the Micromodal-Cashmere yarns with cotton – wool (+ silk) subfamily present Feeling, Pub and Ritual starting from the red, passing through bordeaux with a creative rethinking of micromodal cashmere for Retrò, Sprint, Glitter and Sensation, up to violette, into new wool articles: Spotted and Feelwool.
Blu: cotton, at the core of the company. Most of the articles have been developed using high-quality Egyptian cotton coming from the 100% Filmar production chain. The first three, dark blue products are made of 100% organic cotton with gauge from 12 to 7, with a 156 color palette. Finally, the creative works in blue jeans among which we can find Zephir, Denim, Snap and the new version of Snapshot.
Grey: the cotton – viscose/polyamide with cotton – silk subfamily starts with metallic pink, our products Huron&Braies, little chains of silk cotton with gauge 3. Later, we have Ringo and Rodeo in light grey, presenting cotton/silk yarns with the addition of Kashmir and viscose to create colorful buttoned effects. The family ends with dark greys in which viscose and polyamide are skillfully added to cotton yards in order to create chromatic effects (pinstripe), wool (Digital and Rasta) and bouclé (Meringa).
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