From the vineyards of Franciacorta to the Nile Delta: Filmar’s world in a Virtual Tour

This year, just like every year, our Fall/Winter collection 2019/2020 has been introduced at Pitti Immagine Filati 2018 in June. Our exclusive stand attracted many visitors interested to know more about Filmar’s universe. In order to spread knowledge about our history, our people and share the passion we have for our work, we have used an extraordinary virtual tour. Through three 3-D gates, visitors were transferred to Damietta in Egypt  to visit the extra long fiber organic cotton plantations. From the Nile Delta, they moved to Alexandria where they could visit  Filmar Nile Textile and its production lines:  a 360° panoramic view of the production cycles to explain the processing stages to transform a cotton flock into threads. Finally visitors could enjoy the famous vineyards of Franciacorta where Filmar’s headquarters are based. 
For our 60th anniversary we decided to take a moment to relax – to stop the pressing rhythm that sometimes leave us breathless and take a look at all the places we live in every day life from the outside. To observe what our past has been and make use of experiences to imagine and forge our future.