Cottonforlife: our work to support sustainability of Egypt’s White Gold continues

Thursday, April 19, Filmar took part to the launch event of the project “From cottonseed to clothing: enhancing sustainability, inclusiveness and value addition of the cotton value chain in Egypt”, which took place in Cairo. The project, created by UNIDO thanks to the financial support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, leverages on Filmar’s COTTONFORLIFE initiative to continue and extend the work to support transparency, traceability and sustainability of the  Egyptian cotton value chain. The “White Gold”, well known for its superior quality, faces today several challenges to integrate new sustainable practices and respond to economical and social pressures along the entire production chain. The meeting has been  structured in three sessions, each one involving the participation of players of the field, academic  institutions, internationally acclaimed professionals who offered their perspective about sustainability in fashion, emerging trends in terms of sustainability and the challenges that Egypt will have to face in order to obtain a durable competitive edge to  position itself in the textile cotton industry on an international level. The meeting has been enriched by the intervention of a special guest, Heinz Zeller, Head of the sustainability sector of the fashion brand Hugo Boss, who identified in traceability, sustainability and social responsibility the main trends of international markets. Heinz also shared how the company has understood and integrated these principles in its efforts and strategy in order to get to a high quality production chain that values ethics as much as respect for the environment and the end consumer. During the event, the Egyptian stakeholders  have committed to various important efforts. The project’s promoters, such as UNIDO, National Council for Women and the Cotton Egypt Association and many other entrepreneurs of the private sector, have  signed a declaration of intents highlighting the efforts to promote sustainability and inclusiveness in the cotton’s production chain in Egypt. It was therefore an important event which defined the start of profitable, high added value collaborations between the many players on the field, underlining the importance of sustainability as a source of value creation and competitive edge in the textile industry.