Sustainability is the future of luxury fashion

During the last Milano Fashion Week which took place in February, several designers made the attempt to answer this question, proposing reflections and challenges on ethical and sustainability issues through their collections.
Among them, Eco Designer Tiziano Guardini wanted to communicate, in his fall winter collection 2018 – 19, a deeper meaning for green and cruelty free fashion that is all about “the possibility to leave in harmony with life in the present and look at the future with hope and serenity”. The 40+ pieces introduced by the designer demonstrate his artistic sensibility and his dynamic vision of life; the pieces have been created through continuous research, experimentation and creative effort, both in the research of vanguard fabrics like eco-denim, silk organza and regenerated wools, and in the application of eco-design techniques. The showroom setting also allowed the public to connect with nature thanks to the presence of big cotton and peach blossom drapes. For this occasion, Tiziano Guardini created clothes to celebrate life, that is why they have been placed within an exposition made of soft natural cotton wads as a homage to the respect for the earth and the work of man.
Over the years, the talented fashion designer has been able to cultivate trust and admiration from several companies and players of the industry who wanted to make their contribution and sustain the artist’s activity. In fact, for this occasion, Filmar provided the young designer with precious yarns made with organic Egyptian cotton, born out of the COTTONFORLIFE initiative, to create some pieces of his collection.
Over time, Tiziano’s creative vision and his ability to dare allowed the artist to follow a path of growth made of challenges and successes up to the “Franca Sozzani Best Emerging Designer” award in September 2017 at the alla Scala theater in Milan for the Green Carpet Challenge Award, and the “Peta Couture Award” in October; he was also one of the protagonists of the The Next Green Talents which took place in Palazzo Morandi, Milan, last February 22. Finally, his dedication and passion for fashion caught the eye of several designers of the high-end sector such as Stella McCartney who share his vision of sustainability for the future of the fashion business and with whom he already started talks for profitable and future collaborations.