Colorama Award II Edition

Once again on the occasion of Pitti Filati, Filmar has announced the winner of the ColorAMA Award for the spring-summer season 2019.

The 2000 euro prize has been awarded to the NABA of Milano (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) for the originality of the proposed moodboard and for the capability of the students of working in a team. 
One of the many added values of the ColorAMA Award contest was that the students worked on the project using professional tools that pushed them to work just as they would in a real professional environment.

The competition for the Spring/Summer 2019 season ended with the victory of the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Also known as NABA, the Academy is not only a school but also and above all a showcase where students can showcase their creativity and skills.

The Fashion Design course, for example, invites and enables all students to face every kind of challenge, day after day. Challenges that shape the individual, shaping his or her raw talent, even if still not yet completely developed, making sure that it turns into authentic professionalism. Being able to face the fashion market is not just a peculiarity of NABA, but also the creed to which highly professional teachers rely to make sure that the students become top players, right now and in the future.

The winners of the competition declared: “Taking part in the ColorAMA Award allowed us to test our creativity and competitiveness and pushed us to think out-of-the-box, an attitude that is fundamental when studying and especially when facing the reality of the professional work market. For us it was a very important opportunity, not only in terms of collaborating with such an important company as Filmar, but also with other world-famous fashion and design universities, which hardly ever happens”.

We had to go through a selection process that took into account  the following criteria: Team Work (the proposed moodboard and color palette has been realized by a group of students), Originality and creativity of the moodboard, Representation of selected colors in moodboard, Selected colors follow the main color trends defined internally.

All the proposals which qualified as “finalists” have been collected in the new Colorama Book, distributed by Filmar during January 2018 Pitti Filati Fair. Moreover, several moodboards have been represented in Filmar’s stand allowing a great visibility to your great work which has received enthusiastic appreciation by customers, designers and sector stakeholders in general.

Filmar will be soon promoting the Third edition of Colorama Award which will include innovative features. We will continue our commitment to encourage students to take active part in the development of innovative and creative color proposals for Spring Summer 2020: stay tuned!!

Please click here to see the colorama book