Arts and Filmar’s efforts

In the last months, Filmar has been busy with a series of collaboration activities in the world of art and culture, such as the sponsorship of the wonderful exhibition “PICASSO, DE CHIRICO, MORANDI: 100 masterpieces from XIXth and XXth century from private Brescia collections” at Palazzo Martinengo, which will be open to the public till June 10. It is an exhibition ranging from the works of the great Italian Masters of the 800s to the avant-garde experimentations of futurism and world-renowned creative geniuses of the 1900s. Among this masterpieces, an unreleased work by Pablo Picasso, “Still life with bull’s skull”, exposed for the first time to the general public, and oil on canvas created by the Spanish artist in 1942. It is therefore a journey among masterpieces, preserved in the most beautiful and prestigious houses of Brescia, protagonists of the “aesthetic revolution which, to this day, continues to be a source of inspiration for contemporary art”.