Quality and transparency combined with excellent raw materials: these are the fundamental requirements for Filmar. An Italian brand which has today reached an international caliber  by integrating sustainable
innovation and social responsibility directly onto its products. Launched in 1958, Filmar continues to be a reference point for the textile industry, both for the present and the future, because of its clear goal of ensuring a more responsible fashion for new generations.Thanks to a controlled supply chain where cotton and raw materials are selected considering their compliance with stringent environmental, social and qualitative criteria. Filmar yarns are indeed manufactured in line with the Greenpeace Detox Protocol to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used during the production process. Within this special sustainable vision is  Filoscozia, a high quality cotton yarn where the excellence
of the raw material, i.e. extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton, is intrinsically linked to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Quality and excellence for a yarn that is truly unique in the world thanks to its properties and features.

Versatile and reliable.
From knitwear and weaving to hosiery, Filoscozia is suitable for many high performance manufacturing processes that last after numerous washes. Twisted, combed
and plated, Filoscozia does not produce pilling. Thanks to the mercerisation of yarn, the garments provide a greater and more uniform degree of colour absorption and colour brilliance.
Excellence and sustainability. Filoscozia is a hand-picked and environmentally friendly natural Egyptian cotton. Particularly suitable for delicate skin as it facilitates body thermal adjustments ensuring a
greater sense of freshness and well-being to the skin. A registered product in more than 40 countries, Filoscozia is one of Filmar bestsellers. The Italian mill has created and developed comprehensive colour charts with nearly 200 different colours that are systematically updated.For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Filmar offers an extraordinary collection of 14 classic and fashionable gauges. Available in different formats, the new articles for knitwear are branded Filoscozia with holographic labels and available for purchase on the Filoscozia website To ensure that Filoscozia responds not only to the needs of a market interested in classic yarns but also to younger, more creative and experimental market, Filmar started a collaboration with the Fashion and Design School at the Politecnico di Milano, where a group of young fashion designers are working on creative research projects to enrich and extend the use of Filoscozia to various fields of fashion and design.