A meeting with teachers and young students from academies, technological centers,  fashion and design schools to talk about circularity in the fashion and textile production sector.In collaboration with the regional office of UNIDO in Cairo, and within the Rediscovery project (supported by Alexbank from the Intesta San Paolo Group and by Fondazione San Zeno in Verona)  a workshop took place at  the Fashion Designer Center in Cairo in order to start a conversation about circularity in fashion. In opposition to the linear production model called “take, make and dispose” the circular model reuses, recycles and re-markets products and materials by offering, at the same time, new opportunities to create value. From this perspective, some initiatives have been presented which will be taken as a model for creating new startups by beneficiaries taking part in the Rediscovery project in Egypt. The Italian Quid Project was showcased as a best practice being  a highly ethical and fair project.The meeting allowed young Egyptians to discuss in depth about circular economy with representatives from international organizations, the textile industry, banking  sector and young start uppers. During the workshop, the young students showed a clear interest in circularity as useful tool in order to guarantee environmental and social sustainability of the textile products put on the market.