The Egyptian cotton is among the finest and most luxurious varieties with the highest quality fibre. The White Gold, grown exclusively in the Nile delta and characterized by fine thread counts and high resistance, has for years been the most precious of world cottons. Given the importance that textile industry plays for Egypt and Italy and the win-win results that a sustainable high quality cotton value chain can bring for both economies, a new project has been designed by UNIDO in partnership with Filmar and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, aiming at enhancing the sustainability, inclusiveness and value addition of the long staple and extra-long staple Egyptian cotton value chain. The project will improve the economic, social and environmental performance of cotton growers and cotton processors, strengthening also supporting local institutions. It will leverage on Filmar and ALEXBANK’s CSR Cottonforlife initiative as well as continuing the partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation. The new project will capitalize UNIDO well established expertise on value chain approach in Egypt and focus on the promotion of organic and non-contaminated cotton, upgrading local value addition, supporting resource efficient cotton processing, fostering business linkages along the value chain and promoting innovation at all production stages.