Working with youth to turn ancient knowledge into contemporary competencies

The win-win relationship between business and education, training and university is key to develop the expertise young people need to efficiently enter the labor market.

We are undertaking this important path in the textile sector thanks to the cooperation with Universities, Research Institutes and High Schools. 

In this perspective, we have organized several visits to our industrial plants in cooperation with the Fit-Fashion Institute of Technology and the Milan Polytechnic, with the aim of showing the production chain of our yarns to the young students of Fashion and Design. 

Thanks to the availability of the Bresciani Hosiery, these young people have also learnt about technologies and process involved in the hosiery manufacturing. 

In cooperation with the Milan Fashion Institutes’ teachers, a Master jointly offered by the Milan Polytechnic, Bocconi and Cattolica University, we held several presentations to illustrate our company choices and our sustainability strategies to the MFI Master and the Polytechnic Master's Courses's students. 

We are also cooperating with the Technical High School "Machina Lonati" in Brescia, a public school of Higher education aimed at fostering the technical-scientific culture and at reinforcing the measures for the economic development and the competitiveness of the Italian manufacturing system in the field of new technologies for the made in Italy. 

We introduced our company and our modus operandi to the students with a strong emphasis on the Initiative Cottonforlife as a practical model to operate in the respect of nature and human beings.

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