Fashion Revolution week is over

Fashion Revolution is a global movement whose objective is integrated in its name: promoting a fashion revolution. 

The Fashion Revolution Week is a period of events, meetings and social campaigns whose objective is to foster the sustainability, raise the awareness on what we wear and to advocate greater transparency on the whole chain, right down to the consumer. 

What does "revolution" mean in fashion today? Does the beautiful, ethical and accountable fashion exist? Who made our clothes or the yarns used to design our clothing? 

Where do our clothes come from? What are the working conditions of the people who manufacture them? 

The Fashion Revolution task is to answer these questions "It's an invitation for the entire fashion system to allow them imagine again a future built on solid and ethical foundations: more respect for human rights, more care about Earth's natural resources and more transparency in the whole chain in order to raise our consumer's awareness of their style choices" Marina Spadafora says, Fashion Revolution Italy Coordinator and Sponsor of the Initiative Filmar Cottonforlife: lungo il filo Italia Egitto. 

"Choosing what we purchase to create the world we want: we have the power to start changing things for a better future"

We have chosen to actively promote the Fashion Revolution topics as our company mission is based on chain transparency and on the attention to social responsibility in order to improve the quality of our products and services while respecting the workers and the environment. 

We took part at the Fashion Revolution great event held at NonostanteMarras concept store in Milan, with the participation of Lella Costa and Marina Spadafora. It was great to witness how many people are active and interested in the global impact of fashion. 

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