Colorama Award

The Colorama Award is a competition promoted by Filmar SpA and  held twice a year to inspire fashion students to develop innovative proposals tackling seasonal color forecasts for yarns. The competition for the Autumn Winter Season 2018/2019 is now open. 
Aside from the prize on offer, the competition will be a fantastic way to showcase students' talents and skills and see them applied to projects outside the classroom: a win-win approach for industry and education institutions to become more competitive. The competition is addressed to Fashion and Design Institutes and Universities. 
Filmar, as an experienced player in the textile industry for the production of very fine cotton yarns, considers sustainability to be one of the major forces that affect people, the environment and the quality of products. We believe in youth and their importance in the world of tomorrow, which is why we look to invest in them. As such, we created the ColorAMA web application, which allows young fashion designers to contribute to the emergence of future color trends. 


Students are challenged to select color trends for Autumn Winter Season 2018/2019 and to match them, according to their inspiration, in different models of women and men knitwear and socks. Along with the color palettes participating students are asked to produce an inspirational and informational article motivating their chromatic choices. 




Through the ColorAMA web application (please visit the application to better understand the requirements) the participants should select, among the uploaded Filmar’s colour card, their favourite/directional colors, for women's and men's knitwear and socks.

Therefore the following sets of colors for AW Season 2018/2019 will be selected:

  • 5 directional colors for women's knitwear
  • 5 directional colors for women's socks
  • 5 directional colors for men's knitwear
  • 5 directional colors for men's socks

The selected colors will be applied to:  

  • 2 Master Sweaters (1 for men and 1 for women) 
  • 2 Master Socks (1 for men and 1 for women)

Note that the 5 main colors for the master models only should not include black, white and navy blue.
The 5 main colors of the Master models, combined with other additional colors (here black, white and navy blue can be used),  are then applied to create: 

  • 4 different models of sweaters (2 for men 2 for women) 
  • 4 different models of socks (2 for men 2 for women) 

Institutes will need to send the offical logo and a total of 12 PDFs (generated by the application) including: 4 Masters, 4 models of sweaters, 4 models of socks accompanied by an inspirational and informational article motivating color choices and answering the following leading questions: 

What is the concept and inspiration behind your colour palette? (Max 200 words plus 5 pictures)
What are you most looking forward to by participating to the ColorAMA award? (Max 200 words)



The Colorama judging panel will include high profile experts in design and fashion among which Mrs Barbara Pietrasanta, artist and Vice President of the Museum of Design Foundation of the Milano Triennale and Mrs. Eleonora Fiorani, essayist and Member of the scientific Committee for Fashion of the Milano Triennale. The judges will review the received palettes and the related inspirational articles according to previously defined criteria. After the judges’ evaluation, the selected University/Institute will be announced during  Pitti Filati 81 on the 28th June 2017 in Florence and awarded a prize of 2000 USD to be devoted to educational/training purposes for the participating class. All the chromatic palettes received will be published in the seasonal ColorAMA Book along AW 2018/2019 with the institutional logos of the University/Institute. The Colorama Book  will be presented during  at Pitti Filati 81 and the publication will be distributed to Filmar’s customers, suppliers as well as textile and fashion industry stakeholders.


  • 15 March 2017 | Launch of the ColorAMA Award 
  • 10 May 2017 | Registration deadline 
  • 10 May 2017 | Deadline for submission of color palettes and inspirational articles 
  • 28 June | Prize award to winner group is announced at Pitti Filati  81
  • 28 June AW 2018 | ColorAMA Book is presented at Pitti Filati 81



Should you need further details please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: